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Search And Rescue 24 Foot Orange Ring Retriever

The Search and Rescue line of retrievers assembled in Warren Michigan by JTD Enterprises is one of the highest quality golf ball retriever lines in the market. The traditional Orange Ring retriever comes in 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 foot models. All models are made with stainless steel tubular assembly that will never rust. Better Control with lock tubes at any length. Better Visibility with orange head color. Better Results with patented head designs. Better Value with ease of return on investment.

Product Features

  • Patented and anodized orange head is extremely visible
  • Extends to 24 ft
  • Grips golf balls with a light touch and scoops them up under ball on soft surfaces
  • Made with certified fair labor and is constructed of post-consumer recycled content
  • Machine wash cold and hang to dry
  1. It worked great for a year Originally bought this with the 4 ball retriever for use as a Cable Tech. Left the basket off, taped and ziptied a J hook on the end for wire retrieval. It worked great for a year. I then found this version, and had to try it. It works even better than my last one that was amazing to begin with. Obviously I’m not using it how intended, however considering the amount of force needed to pull coax many feet through attics with the pressure of a 90 degree turn involved, these things are super…

  2. J.T.D Save The Day I want to put in good word for the folks at J.T.D, the makers of these retrievers. I have purchased two through Amazon: one 18’ Search And Rescue Orange Ring Retriever and one 24’ one.I’m a disc golfer in Florida, and these have been an invaluable tool for retrieving discs in lakes and in trees – and there are many other uses for them too, including getting discs out from places where nobody really wants to crawl into.These discs typically cost $15 or $16 a piece, so nobody wants to…

  3. good product, but…. the good: a clearly well-constructed, heavy-duty product, which I do not expect to fall apart or bend as easily as those cheaper ones; about the longest you’ll find.the bad: does not grab and cling to the ball as well as those with plastic wider rings, so tougher to retrieve balls from muddy lake bottoms; heavy!

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