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Save $8- Receive Two Jaws for $11.98-ONE JAW for Your GREENSIDE Chipper and ONE JAW for Your Putter. Ball Picker Upper Will Also Pick UP The FLAGSTICK and A Golf Club – The GRABALL JAW, Picks IT All

Permanently attaches on ALL shapes of golf grips no matter the size of the grip, as long as there is a small hole on the end of the clubs grip. Course threads on the 1/4 inch screw makes it virtually impossible to pull the picker out of the grip when pulling the golf ball out. (SOFT ENDED club grips MAY NOT hold or if the grip has a large hole on the end) Fits in EVERY Golf Bag!! Golf Pros who have been in the business for 25-30 years have said, “This is the golf ball best pick up tool they have ever seen since it not only picks up the golf ball, but also picks up the Flagstick and any extra clubs brought to the green besides the putter.” The GraBall Picker Upper is a unique, well-made, patented golf ball retriever! The fingers do not collapse or fold up in hot weather. Cold or wet weather does not affect how well it works, reducing the need to bend over to a fraction of what is required with other golf ball retrievers. Furthermore, this product is sturdy and it will last so much longer than the traditional golf ball retrievers. Treat yourself to the best golf ball retriever by ordering one for your putter or even a 2nd or a 3rd one for your favorite greenside chippers to pickup your putter when taking two or three clubs to the green!!

Product Features

  • watch video !!
  • Golf Sales Reps and Pro Shop owners say-The Best Golf Ball Pick Up Ever!!
  • Why Settle for a Product that Only Retrieves Your Golf Ball?
  • The GraBall – Picks up the Flagstick, Putter/Chipper, and the Golf Ball! Fits in EVERY Golf Bag!
  • Permanently Attaches to All Sizes of Golf Grips, Inexpensive, Durable, Golf Ball Retriever.
  1. Alternate installation method As others have noted, just installing with the provided screw into the rubber grip cavity, leaves the unit too flimsy. Taking the ball out of the unit is almost impossible with the unit twisting and bending. I solved this problem, by using a simple small winged Molly inserted into the putter end and using an appropriate screw thru the unit. The unit is solid as a rock, easier to pick up and remove the ball. Love it!

  2. The best one Pro: This is the best ball picker and I’ve had them all. Sturdy fingers is selling point here. They haven’t gotten out of shape like a similar one i had. Yes. it will pick up a flagstick if your careful.Con: The large phillips head screw comes loose every so often. There’s nothing inside the shaft for it to grab onto. May have to glue a wood filler at the end of the shaft for the screw to go in. Otherwise maybe the designers should look at a smaller 2 screw setup so the…

  3. Works good, however Works good, however, like another review said, the method of attachment is poor. Unit wobbles when used. I bought a large nylon screw from a hardware store and used it to attach the unit to the end of my putter…much more stable mount. They need to include a larger and more stable nylon screw versus the smaller metal screw included.

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