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Pelican Golf Golf Ball Retriever w/Premium Silver Colored Metal Hinge Scoop for Water Pick Up Available in 18 Feet Maximum Length

Pelican Golf Ball Retriever with Premium Silver Colored Metal Hinge Scoop 18-Foot Maximum Length

Product Features

  • Golf Ball Retriever with Premium Silver Metal Hinge Scoop in 18-Foot Maximum Length by Pelican Golf
  • Extends up to 18′; retracts to 3’9″
  • Silver Colored Metal Hinge Scoop can help you Easy Grab and Retrieve Golf Ball
  • Twist Turn-Lock, Adjustable Length, Telescopic Design
  • Comfort Grip and Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Shaft
  1. Will pay for it self sooner or later! Fantastic, made of top quality materials, if you occasionally or often dunk your golf balls into the water, you st least have a chance to recover yours or someone else’s. Either way it will pay for itself depending on your “magnetic” draw to the water. And how often you discover others mistakes.

  2. Long and sturdy It is really long, sturdy, and effective for retrieving balls. It took a little practice to figure out how get the balls in the cage (press down from on top and when the ball is in the cage, twist so the cage is pointed upward). Love it!

  3. Really extends We have a few water hazards that are fairly wide and this retriever gets out far enough to get most balls we can see. I use it almost every round for my balls or one of our group’s balls. a good bargain.

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